Here Are Some Links and Information Sources That You May Find Useful


Campaign Finance Information

Who Gave What to Whom?
Curious to know who gave what to which campaign? Then just click on the link below and enter the name. You will be able to see all of the political campaigns that the individual has made contributions to.

Federal Election Commission

Where Does A Particular Campaign Receive Its Funding From?
Interested in knowing just where our political candidates receive their funding from? Just click on the link below; enter the name of your candidate, and start drilling!

Federal Election Commission 2


Organizations and Institutions

Act for America Alliance Defending Freedom. American Center For Law and Justice. American Conservative Union. American Family Foundation. American Greatness.

American Legislative Exchange Council American Minute. American Policy Center Campaign for Liberty

American Thinker. Center for Self Governance Cato Intitute.

Citizens United . Claremont Institute. Club for Growth

Conservative Alliance Conservative Caucus Conservative Victory Fund Docs 4 Patient Care

Family Research Institute

Federalist. Federalist Society. Federation for American Immigration Reform

Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Foundation for Economic Education. Freedom Works.

Fund for American Studies

Goldwater Institute Grassfie Grasstops USA Great Lakes Justice Center Heartland Institute Heritage Foundation

Hillsdale College. Hoover Institution. Horowitz Freedom Center Institute for Policy Innovation Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Thomas Jefferson Institute Jihad Watch. Judicial Watch

Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal. Koch Foundation Leadership Institute

Legal Insurretion Lincoln Institute for Research and Education Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute Mackinac Center for Public Policy Manhattan Institute

Media Research Center. Mises Institute

Mont Pelerin Society More Law Center

National Center for Law and Policy. National Center for Public Policy Research National Journalism Center National Legal and Policy Center

National Rifle Association. Pacific Freedom Foundation Pacific Legal Foudation. Patriot Voices Philadelphia Societyy

Pioneer Institute

Powerline Prager University. Ayan Rand Institute. Rebel MD

Refugee Resettlement Watch Second Amendment Foundation Secure Michigan. Senate Conservatives Fund Students for Liberty

Sustainable Freedom Lab Tea Party Patriots.

John Templeton Foundation. True The Vote. Witherspoon Institute. Women Defending America 2 World Net Daily. Young Americans for Freedom. Young Americans for Liberty Young Americas Foudation


Faith Based Organizations

American Family Association. Bible Gateway. Blue Letter Bible. Break Point. . Christian Research Institute

Citizens For Traditional Values

Faith and Freedom Foundation. Family Research Council. First Things. Joshua's Trail.

Scott Lively Ministries Living Waters. Eric Metaxas.

Mohler Albert Mohler National Right to Life. One News Now. Politics According to the Bible

Providence Foundation 2 . Salt and Light Global

Voice of the Martyrs Vote Biblically. Wallbuilders


News Sites

American Conservative American Military News. American Spectator Asia Times.

Blaze. Breitbart Conservative Intel Daily Signal

Drudge Report. Forbes Hot Air. Human Events.

Michigan Capitol Confidential. NRA Instiute for Legislative Action. Politico Project Veritas.

Real Clear Politics Reason Magazine Red State. Right Alerts. Salem Radio Network.

Savage. Town Hall. Wall Street Journal

Washington Times. Witness SLG WItness


Individual Commentators

Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Elder Larry. Levin Mark. Limbaugh Rush. Loudon Trevor.

Shapiro Ben. Spengler. Steyn Mark. Thomas Cal. Williams Walter


Formerly Great Sites

The websites shown below had previously been included in our collection of organizations and institutions above. These organizations are now segregated below because they are led by "Never Trumpers". So they are being made to sit in the corner for a while.

American Enterprise Institute. Commentary. National Review. Weekly Standard